Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NSXPO 2009 was a success!

What a great weekend I just had. There's nothing that prepares an NSX enthusiast for the sight of 70 NSXs of various colours, specs, modifications and years gathered in a single parking lot.

The participants came from as far away as San Fran, Georgia, Tennessee and Ottawa (*wink*) to partake in what can only be described as 5 days of celebration of the car that Uehara and Senna built. There were NSX toys, NSX books, NSX pictures (some called it porn), NSX chairs, NSX shirts, NSX hats ...well, you get the idea. The best part though was the people. I swear this car attracts the best owners, bar none. Personally the highlight of the trip was meeting all these people I've known only as usernames online at NSXPrime.com. In particular I enjoyed finally having the opportunity to chat and check out the car belonging to Lud, owner of NSX Prime. I also had a chance to meet Hirofumi Tomoyoshi, President of NSX Club of Japan, Larry Bastanza, President of the NSX Club of America, and Chris from Science of Speed.

Unfortunately I had to bail on Sunday and miss the 2 track days at Mosport, but the pics posted on Prime allowed me to at least dream. I hope to make it out to Suzuka next year when the NSX Club of Japan celebrates the car's 20th anniversary.
Me at the gala dinner:

My car during a stopover at the Poker Rally:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blodisign front signal covers

Just had a chance to install my 3RD set of mugen style front turn signal covers by Ryan Blodi (NSX Prime member and all around good guy).

Why 3rd? Cuz the first 2 sets self-destructed after a few weeks each. One thing you have to accept with the NSX is that its a rare, handbuilt, out of production car. Everything for it from the aftermarket has been either discontinued, used (very much), or built by some guy in his spare time as a hobby. The signal covers is such a thing. They were produced by Mugen back in the the 90's, and even then they were pretty hard to find. Ryan saw a demand for them and took the time to have them made. The only thing is the plastic he used initially did not stand up to the rigors of the road very long and afetr a few weeks if you tried to remove them to clean underneath they simply fractured.

This set is made from a more resilient plastic. I also like how its not as dark as the old ones. Lets hope they last! To his credit, he only charged me $20 shipped for this set, and I found out when the package arrived that it cost him $19 to ship it!