Friday, July 24, 2009

The local owners have a meet!

Finally! After what seemed like 1/2 the summer without seeing each other (NSX owners are a busy lot! *wink*) the boys finally got their act together and gathered for a quick meet. The place was the usual car cruise night at Hazeldean Mall in Kanata. 7 cars showed up, six of them red ;)

Newguy Serge was there, along with Stef. I really wanted to sit in Stef's new Bride Gias seats and see if they will suit me but his toddler son was freaking out and he had to leave early. Oh well. The highlight of the night was chatting with the owner of a nice silver Fiat X1/9 (I love those cars and I blame them for inspiring my fetish for mid-engined vehicles) and the kid who now owns my old 1992 Nissan 240SX. Seems like the old 240 went through a few owners before he got his hands on it but the parts I put on were still there: Jamex springs, ebay seat covers, fake blitz SS intake and even the stickers I put on from Pac Mall (ah, how I miss my ricer days). He did do the right thing and dropped in a redtop SR. I steered him towards which is the local 240 club.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

World's smallest NSX meet

I met up with Ottawa's newest NSX owner Sergio a few weeks ago. Sergio did it right and did his research first on NSXPrime prior to locating his car in Alberta and then driving it back. It was nice to meet a new fellow enthusiast, and also cool to check out what a bone stock NSX looks like. Comparing my car to his makes me realize what a drastic transformation mine had undergone. Did I do the right thing? He is keen on keeping his as stock as possible, even going to the lengths of locating oem parts to replace his failing stereo setup. He's also missing his stock spare wheel and bracket, which I might be able to help him with.

I had called a quick informal meeting (actually, I think all our local meetings are informal) with the local owners but unfortunately no one could make it out on such short notice. Oh well. Actually the local guys have been awfully quiet this year. I should cal a coffee/breakfast meet sometimes soon before we run out of good driving weather.