Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reflections on the year.

The NSX was washed and tucked away last month (Nov 20th).  This year I managed to score a spot with a neighbour who lives directly across the street, so it will be neat to have such close access to the car over the winter. Come spring I'll be moving to a new home with a bigger garage so FINALLY, I'll be able to have all my vehicles under one roof.

Looking back at 2010's drving season I can recall some fun times at the track, some not so fun times (snapping the serp belt), and it appears the constant pattern of tweeks and mods is finally coming to an end. The project is pretty well where I'd like it to be and aside from a '02 conversion (something I am on the fence over and just can't seem to get myself to do), I don't think there's a thing I would change on this car.  I think that one of these days I might pick up a more hardcore, dedicated track weapon like a Lotus Exige and tone down the NSX for regular street cruising duty with the occasional track outing.  My logic for this is that it is a very expensive car to repair if I have an "off".  Also, my number one complaint with the car is that it's so over the top that I can't use it for anything but an occasional toy.  The NSX is a very livable and civil car.  It would be a shame to make leave it as a garage queen.  Last summer I put less than 5000 kms on her.  Sad.

If I were to tone it down, all I would do is swap back in a more sedate exhaust and rear valence and put back on the oem wing and hood.  All parts I have in stock.  We'll see.  FXMD out of Vegas is also working on a beautiful Ferrari F430 Scuderia inspired rear bumper that, if it gets produced, might be the push I need to remove the Taitec rear diffuser I currently have.  I love the Taitec but it is not very practical for everyday street use.

Of course I can go the opposite direction and strip out the interior, replace the Recaros with one piece CF buckets and make it an even more hardcore track car. It's past accident history makes it pretty well worthless in the resale dept. Who knows.

Merry Christmas everone.