Sunday, July 10, 2016

New NSX spotted at Mosport

So I finally had a chance to check out the new NSX yesterday in person. It had Ohio manufacturer plates, was dirty as hell, and interior was messy and floormats already fraying at the logo stitching. Obviously it's a mule for testing, promo and general media abuse.  Overall I love it and I believe for the current state of the art it's a great effort by Acura/Honda, and a much needed shot in the arm for their corporate identity.  No more performance doldrums for my favourite Japanese automaker. made me appreciate my 2004 even more and will never replace it. For me, the NSX will always be Uehara's creation.  Call me old fashioned. 😍😎

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Glamour shots (finished products)

Here are the edited and massaged final shots from the recent photoshoot. More to come.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Glamour shots!

Had a great night last week with the MidnightRuns gang at Slick Automotive.  

The NSX was cleaned up and driven over for a reason hours of fun with a cute blonde.

Thanks Lars for the night, can't wait to see the final pics. These were taken by me on my iPhone.

Next day was gorgeous so I snapped a few in town when on a few errands.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Thieves should be burned at the stake.

With nice things comes jerks who want to take them away from you.

Thieves need to DIAF. Period.

If you can't afford nice things, be like the rest of the civilized world and work for it.

My old Volk Racing wheels, gold CE28N, beloved by the owner I sold them to, have been stolen. Here's my post about them when they were first purchased:

Specs: 18x8 +38 front and 19x9.5 +36 rears, all shod in Toyo T1R 225 35 and 275 30 front and rear respectively.

Please spread the word and let's try and get them back, though something tells me it's not going to happen...

Some memories...
When they were on my old NA1:

When they were sold to the new owner (his gf loved them):

....and now:

Thursday, April 7, 2016

2015 in one fell swoop (the overdue update)!

It's been so long since I've made the time to post an update that I actually had to re-download my progress pics from the cloud (as my phone automatically wiped them out for being in the memory for too long).  Oh well...

After receiving the car in April, 2015, I have slowly, conservatively transformed it to my tastes.  From what I have learned from the NA1 I have tried to make the mods reversible while keeping true to the mission statement of its designers.  This car will never become a wide body, track focussed beast, but instead will impress outsiders with its subtle presence.

I must be getting old because even though I love the Type R wing and vented hood (wing by Downforce, hood by Backyard Special), I decided to didn't want the hassle of large, fragile, aftermarket body parts.  Luckily the search for the very rare oem hood did not take very long.  I found a mint, red one in California and a black oem wing in Toronto.  I had both repainted in fresh berlina black and installed at The Auto Surgeon in Carp. Excellent service and I would not hesitate to return in the future.

After its paint correction, the next thing on my TDL was a rear diffuser and a neat F1 fog light to enhance the rear section of the car.  The diffuser was always on my mind as I think the rear end looks too thin and horizontal to the eyes.  Vertical slats (whether functional or not) gives the rear some hardcore presence while thickening up the back end when viewed on side profile.  I got the idea of the LED fog light from a fellow NSXer who had it on his car and I loved the way it draws attention to the diffuser.
Difflow supplied a custom 4 element diffuser (I think it looks cleaner with less slats):

Here it is next to my 13 year old for size comparison:
Installation was a snap with the supplied hardware.  The diffuser utilized stock structures on the underside of the car and wedges itself in place securely.  The car feels very stable at high speeds.  My only complaint is that on slow speed expansion joints you can hear the thing give a tinny rattle (it's a metal structure).  The fins have so far avoided speed bumps nicely, probably because of my conservative drop.  Really lowered cars might have a problem.


Once the rear was taken care of, I decided to change the thin, conservative oem front lip for the deeper one from JP Aero.  The only problem is JPA is not currently making this lip and there's no indication they will ramp up production soon (thanks low production niche car market!), so EBay to the rescue.  I normally do not support knockoffs and have gone online many a times railing against those who buy cheap Chinese-made garbage but in this case I had to swallow my pride and do the deed.  I needed it and I couldn't find a real one.  The rare few that's come up for sale used are always snatched up, so I took a chance with the EBay special.  Since its urethane I figured fit might be tolerable. Turns out it fit perfectly.  I'm really pleased.  If JPAero ever makes them again I'll buy another as a spare but for now this will do:

The lip comes in black gel coat which I sanded lightly and hit with a few layers of matte black plastidip. Looks almost oem.  

If you have read my past posts you'll already know I'm a huge wheel whore, especially JDM wheels.  For this car I wanted a classic 5 spoke design. The ever popular split 5 spoke Advan Model 5 are always suggested online but it never did it for me.  I love the fact it's so bbk friendly but the way the spokes bow out is not my thing. Advan Kreuzer V is another candidate, but again the spokes took too flat.  I absolutely LOVE the Regamasters, which are very period correct but unfortunately they won't clear my brembos.  I finally settled for Enkei Kojins.  Awesome concave design, thick tapered spokes and it comes in a slick matte black finish.   I ordered a set from Ben at NEXTMOD Ottawa, shod them with Federal 595Rs courtesy of Discount Tire Direct.  

17x8 +35
18×9.5 +30