Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NSX gets a new roomate

I admit, I have an almost unhealthy obsession with interesting cars. I purposely used the word interesting because I don't consider a Camry a car at all, its an appliance.

After a few weeks (7 to be exact) with the Fejer/Lotus 7 replica, then 6 months with an Alpine White E60 M5, I finally settled with a choice I am very proud of: a 1996 Nissan Skyline GTR.  GTRs and I go way back.  I once owned one of the very first R32 Skyline GTRs admitted into Canada, and started (and still help run) the only real Canadian Skyline forum, In fact the R32 GTR paved the way to my ownership of the NSX.  Being at the forefront of the Canadian Skyline and RHD import scene in Canada, I was able to forsee the pending flood of JDM imports into the Canadian market. So in the winter of 2005 I traded my GTR for the NSX while it was still rare and worth something.  The NSX was orginally supposed to give me something to enjoy for a few years until the R35's release, but somehow it's inherent goodness rubbed off on me and I reluctantly got sucked in to the NSX world. :)

After 5 years, I started getting the bug for a new fun daily driver (which could do occasional trackdays).  I had a convertible E46 SMG M3, which was later replaced with the E60 M5.  As much as I liked them, they were just too....Teutonic for my tastes.  I needed to be back into a Skyline GTR again so I started searching.  A great R33 GTR came up on RightDrive's website and I jumped at it.  Of course life is never simple because someone else got to it first, so I started working with Michael Kent of RD to find another midnight purple GTR.  Many candidates came up, but nothing really interested me.  Two months later by luck the original fellow who had reserved the one that got away backed out and once again it was there for the taking, and I did :)

Just picked her up last Fri, and here she is next to her new roomate.

NSX looks really low compared to the GTR
Of course custom plates were ordered

Me and my girls