Friday, January 15, 2010

My new plates arrived!

On the way home from NSXPO I was shocked and appalled to have discovered that some lowlife stole my front custom plate (it read "KOSOKU" which is Japanese for "High Speed"). It wasn't too hard for them since I have the SOS stealth license plate bracket which meant that all they had to do was unscrew a couple of thumbscrews to remove the front bracket holding the plate. I didn't help the situation too much either by having a fancy carbon fibre license plate frame from NRG to make it doubly enticing to the thief. I hate scumbag thiefs.

I went to the MTO to order a replacement plate. They told me I need to wait 6 months before they will re-issue it since they need to make sure the plates were not used to commit a crime. I've decided to go with these, inspired by the young doctor that drive the black 911 Turbo in the Wangan thriller manga and anime, "Wangan Midnight".

When KOSOKU comes in I'll throw them on my M3, and move the M3's custom plate to the minivan ^_^

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Custom turbo project

Check these out...

There are pictures posted by NSXPrime member "na1tor" or Rob. Here's waht he has to say:
So its another winter and its been a while since i updated, but ill post more pics soon, the car works flawlessly! the sound is priceless! I drove it all summer at a mild 9psi where it made 478whp and 375lb-ft! was aiming for 12 psi but the clutch said otherwise! Plans for this winter are exedy carbon/carbon, custom intake manifold and throttle body and 12-15 psi, and for future im currently building an engine on the side to handle some serious numbers! lets just say im making the next 1000 hp nsx from canada!

I'll get back with video and pics soon, just been busy setting up a new facility, and will be offering service and custom fabricating specializing in nsx's! also planning on making this into a kit now that it is tried and tested!!

Thanks for the great responses

The NSX world is constantly evolving. At one point the standard for upping power was the supercharger. There were various options including the Comptech, the Gruppe M (mine) and the Basch (least liked). Nowadays the route to go is turbo. Lovefab seems to have the best rep and support in the community. I should note that Stacy, who owned my supercharger before me was planning to go Lovefab. he's a regular on the forums and his customers swear by him. Another sweet kit is the Angus DIY kit out of BC. There's also Prospeed (not favoured due to poor turnover time), HP Turbo as well as a slew of others.

Rob's setup looks simply bad-ass. I love the workmanship of the welds and design. With my open style rear diffuser it will simply scare away small animals and children (and annoy the neighbours). He's logged a few kms since the install and thinks its both reliable and be tunable to pass emissions. I'm starting to think I need a snail in my engine bay (or underneath it).

More on this as details develop...