Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Abandoned (or poorly stored) NSX in Mississauga

Over the Xmas break the family stayed at the Stage West hotel in Mississauga. On the second night I decided to park in the indoors lot and while looking for a spot what do I see huddled in a lonesome corner but this Brooklands Green NA2.

It had 2 flat tires, a thick coating of dust, water drops were all over the hood and roof from the melting saltwater seeping through a crack in the ceiling overhead which was under the top uncovered level of the parking lot. Someone had written "I AM A NICE CAR, CLEAN ME OR GO AWAY!". I managed to scrape away some of the encrusted dust on the passenger window to see it was an NA2 (6 spd), had 3 defi gauges on the centre dash, an aftermarket steering hub with the steering wheel removed, and a Bride Gias Low Max seat in the drivers side. There is a red authentic Honda badge on the front, appears to be lowered but otherwise stock.

I am guessing it must belong to someone connected to the hotel, otherwise why would it b parked there for so long. I also assume the owner has not seen it in a while or s/he would have moved it to a less exposed location or would have at least thrown a cover on it.

I'm hoping someone might recognize the car and help the owner retrieve it. Heck, I might even consider buying it so it ca have a better home!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wheels (again)

Just when I thought I was pretty well done with the topic of wheels, up comes Chris at Science of Speed with this post:

Ray's Engineering Volk Racing TE37 forged monoblock wheels are the standard for light and strong wheels for both racing and street use. Several years ago, Ray's discontinued the 18x10.5+45 wheel, which was a popular wheel for the NSX because it offered the best width and offset for popular larger tires - but also because it offered a deep concave face not seen on many wheels for the NSX. Despite it being popular for the NSX, it was discontinued because it was one of the only cars using this size and Ray's could not justify producing the size any longer.

ScienceofSpeed has collaborated with Rays Engineering to produce a 17x8.5 +40 and 18x10.5 +45 Volk Racing TE37 wheel ideal for street or competition use. Produced with exclusive forge tooling to produce this size and offset, ScienceofSpeed is able to bring back the popular concaved rear wheel on the NSX previously discontinued by Rays.

The ScienceofSpeed Volk Racing TE37 is being offered in two finishes never before offered on these wheels. Genesis Gunmetal (a bright satin gunmetal finish) and Satin Black / Red Ring.

In our experience, this is one of the best sized wheels for customers wanting to use larger tires on the NSX. The rear supports up to a 305, but most customers will find 235 and 285 or 295 is the ideal split.

A very limit number of sets (five only) are being produced for ScienceofSpeed. The estimated delivery date is the end of March. To place an order, we are taking small deposits. If you are interested, please call or e-mail for more information.

The price for the set is $2895.00 - there is no difference in price between the two colors.

*** Pre-orders: a $100.00 discount is being offered for pre-orders placed before until Jan 1 2010. ***

for more information:

-- Chris

I hav always loved the TE37's. It's a classic wheel for Japanese cars. It's almost the national wheel of Japan :) I had a set of bronze TE's on my Nsx and sadly had to let them go when it became obvious that they weren't going to clear my new brakes. Now I have a chance to get them back and in a very sick offset that will bow inwards in the rear. I already have a standing offer on my CE28's, so I can stand to break even, or come very close to it (not counting tires). My Bridgestone So-3's on my Tecnomags will go on the TE's for now and in the fall I ca order a new set of tires when MidnightRuns do their annual group buy. What to do...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It was bound to happen...the BIG ASS WING

As I get more and more hooked on tracking my car, my mind is drawn to the idea of a big ass GT wing (or as my friends call them, "F U wings").

Right now I am sporting a NSX-R style wing made by Jetz, which is light and I like the fact it retains the led third light. I also like the idea that it was designed with wind tunnel input (or at least the oem one was). The worse part is the fact it bisects my rear vision. I have the DF NSXR flat under tray pieces (nose and battery tray, gas tank etc) terminating in a Taitec open diffuser. I try to have a completely flat underbody leading to the diffuser and am very happy with stability at speed. I have learned that the R wing only functions to reduce lift (along with the flat undertray), but does not generate usable downforce.

Personally I am not very crazy about the looks of the aerofoil on the back of a street car. It's big, obnoxious, and the fact that every FWD ricermobile seem to have one is a big turn off. However, I hope that my NSX being more and more a devoted track car will justify that. I have found out that the design of the wing itself makes a big difference in whether it works noticeable or not (duh). The Taitec is essentially useless. Big, heavy and rated as an "anchor" by one former owner.
TAITEC GT-500 (form over function):

Billy Johnson of FXMD (famous for his green and black time attack winner) says "The trailing edge of Taitec GT500 is soo steep (pretty much vertical -not a true airfoil) that the wing will stall out at very low speeds resulting in a ton of drag and not much downward force".

In the functional wings category we have the APR:

My only beef with this is the fact it desn't look very pretty just mounted on the trunklid like that. I'd like to fill in and blend the base with the bodywork.

My second choice is the Sorcery:

Third choice is the Gruppe M, which is discontinued.

John@Microsoft says: "Obviously a big ass wing, albeit it the Taitec or Doug H's home-made mongo aluminum home depot one will produce effective downforce on a road course. Like putting your hand out the window... that's probably the easy part.

However, every wing design is a balance. What separates a highly optimized computer modeled tunnel tested design from a poor garage tuner design is being maximally effective while minimizing drag so you get the best of both. Further, having it co-exist well with the rest of the vehicle's aerodynamic characteristics and perhaps most sought prove well in the field for the intended course speeds/application/driver.

All wings are not created equal. Their are low speed high down-force configurations, multi-element high speed airfoils, multi-surface designs such as a sprint car wing, etc... Even the little end plates and wing mounts design play their part in the effectiveness of the system as a whole.

An interesting trivial point, but from what little I have read historically, they banned mounting wings directly to the lower suspension members, fan cars, and other active aero devices simply because they were so ridiculously effective.. so now all series specify the mount must be to the chassis and a great part of pro R&D goes into simple wing design. Per an issue of Race Car Engineering, in Formula 1, even the composite material layering is optimized via FEA to allow just the perfect amount of flexibility across the span so as to reduce the designs effectiveness at high triple digit straight line speeds as that is 'free' per their rules".

The one I decided on is the one currently on Scorp965's red Turbo NSX. He's selling his car, parting it out and moving on to an Aston Martin.
It is the Voltex Type IV with the molded trunk base piece, Gurney Flap (which creates a small vortex on the trailing edge that generates more downforce) and end plates.
This is the actual wing:

Peter Lau has the same wing but with shorter stands and wants the taller ones I'm getting. I'll have to see once it is installed which ones I prefer. My wife hates the wing but says it's my call. Thanks babe!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Final Cruise of the year and putting her away for the winter

So on Oct 25th, 2009 the NSX Ottawa Owners Group (our local mailing list and local subsidiary of the NSX Club of Canada) got together with our local S2000 Tochigi factory brothers and went for a beautiful fall drive. The weather had been crappy all week with rain and drizzle, but the gods smiled upon us as the one and only clear and sunny day that week just happened to be on that Sunday. We met at the parking lot of the Aviation Museum. 9 NSX, 1 Acura 1.5EL (member Steve's NSX was in the shop for a new clutch and tranny so he drove his wife's car)and 5 S2000's including Kenny Williams white AP1 that was featured in the photoshoot posted a few months back here.

We took the Rockliffe Parkway that snaked through the Ottawa River's edge amongst the tony houses and embassies, to the King Edward bridge to Quebexico and onto Hwy 5 to 105.

We stopped for a greasy breakfast at Barbe Jr. Restaurant where we easily overpowered the small parking lot (I had expected a group of 4-5 cars) and the limited seating (table for 15 please!).

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I was especially happy to see some long lost members who had been too busy to come out all summer and a few new faces as well. I think our local group is quite healthy.

Afterwards I went home, and spent the rest of the day doing small errands and finally the careful and anal retentive task of getting my baby ready for storage. :(
Wash, wax, lube hinges and seals, armor all the hoses, interior, Windex windows, a few sheets of Bounce in the trunks, engine bay and interior, top up with Sunoco 94 and gas preservative, over inflated the tires to 55 lbs, and a thorough vacuuming of all the track dust from Calabogie ;-)

I drove her to the local Stittsville storage facility where I was met by fellow NSXer Brad who was also keeping his red 1991 there. Drove her in, shut her down, removed the steering wheel and put the fitted oem cover on and that was that. See you next April! I know my battery was on its last legs so I didn't even bother disconnecting it. I'll just buy a new one in the spring (Optima Bluetop from Costco).

Now its time to spend even more time on NSXPrime, my new duties as Secretary of the NSX Club of Canada and of course pay more attention to my neglected E46 M3 SMG.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

NSXPO 2009 was a success!

What a great weekend I just had. There's nothing that prepares an NSX enthusiast for the sight of 70 NSXs of various colours, specs, modifications and years gathered in a single parking lot.

The participants came from as far away as San Fran, Georgia, Tennessee and Ottawa (*wink*) to partake in what can only be described as 5 days of celebration of the car that Uehara and Senna built. There were NSX toys, NSX books, NSX pictures (some called it porn), NSX chairs, NSX shirts, NSX hats ...well, you get the idea. The best part though was the people. I swear this car attracts the best owners, bar none. Personally the highlight of the trip was meeting all these people I've known only as usernames online at NSXPrime.com. In particular I enjoyed finally having the opportunity to chat and check out the car belonging to Lud, owner of NSX Prime. I also had a chance to meet Hirofumi Tomoyoshi, President of NSX Club of Japan, Larry Bastanza, President of the NSX Club of America, and Chris from Science of Speed.

Unfortunately I had to bail on Sunday and miss the 2 track days at Mosport, but the pics posted on Prime allowed me to at least dream. I hope to make it out to Suzuka next year when the NSX Club of Japan celebrates the car's 20th anniversary.
Me at the gala dinner:

My car during a stopover at the Poker Rally:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blodisign front signal covers

Just had a chance to install my 3RD set of mugen style front turn signal covers by Ryan Blodi (NSX Prime member and all around good guy).

Why 3rd? Cuz the first 2 sets self-destructed after a few weeks each. One thing you have to accept with the NSX is that its a rare, handbuilt, out of production car. Everything for it from the aftermarket has been either discontinued, used (very much), or built by some guy in his spare time as a hobby. The signal covers is such a thing. They were produced by Mugen back in the the 90's, and even then they were pretty hard to find. Ryan saw a demand for them and took the time to have them made. The only thing is the plastic he used initially did not stand up to the rigors of the road very long and afetr a few weeks if you tried to remove them to clean underneath they simply fractured.

This set is made from a more resilient plastic. I also like how its not as dark as the old ones. Lets hope they last! To his credit, he only charged me $20 shipped for this set, and I found out when the package arrived that it cost him $19 to ship it!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

ITBs for the NSX

Saws this today on NSXPrime:

Used NSX MC custom-made ITB throttle body.
Was set up in my NSX 3.2 for less than a year.
I am now selling them cos I am selling the car.
If you need the MoTec base mapping,
I can include it in the package.

The throttle itself was custom-made by 7075 aluminum, strong and durable.
It is still in an excellent condition.
I am now selling it at US$2900 shipped.
(throttle body and mapping included)
I ship worldwide.
If you have any further questions, please contact me at quince328@gmail.com

Thats a crazy price for ITBs. I hope the performance is as beautiful as the velocity stacks themselves. Oh man...$2900 for this set up...so tempted to ditch the GMSC, but I know I never can.

NSXPO 2009 in Toronto, Canada!

"NSXPO 2009
The NSX Club of America is proud to present the first international XPO to be held outside of the US, in the world-class city of Toronto, Canada. The city boasts a dynamic and culturally diverse atmosphere and features some of the finest shopping and dining in North America, a slew of tourist destinations and an exciting and vibrant night life.

In addition to experiencing some of the city's attractions, this years XPO will host an exciting track event at the legendary Mosport International Raceway."

Really looking forward to this!

I missed Est Fest last year because we had a baby, and this year I couldn't make the Exotic Car Cruise because my wife returned from Japan that same week. There's NO WAY I'm going to miss the biggest single gathering of NSXs in North America.

I'll be in charge of the Movie Night, and have already renewed my membership in NSXCC, booked my hotel room at the Prince and registered in time for the early bird discount. Yay!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

JGTC mirrors by GT-One

Finally had a chance to install a set of CF mirrors. These are made by GT-One, which are in essence a copy of the ones by Craftsquare. I like this version more because these have a base made of composite wrapped in carbon fibre. Although the ones by craftsquare are beautiful, I always had a problem with their bright machinesd aluminum base, esp on a black car.

The first one took 2 hrs to install, the second was about 45 mins. It took aother 40 mins to get them adjusted right. Having someone to help out would have been great since I had to run back and forth from the drivers seat to the outside to make minor adjustments on them. The end results are worth it. I love them.

Monday, August 17, 2009

kei office front lip by Shine

Back to this topic again...

A few months ago I organized a mini-groupbuy on NSXPrime's Canadian forum for a few sets of Kei Office front lower lips by Shine Auto. This was origianlly produced by Kei Office in Japan (Keiichi Tsuchiya's company) years ago but has since been discontinued. I liked the look and how it updates and cleans up the appearance of the front end. However, the first guy to install it (Marc) reported back that the fitment was crap and he shelled out a lot of extra $$ to make it work. The second buyer (ROY) reported that the fitment was good and was quite pleased with the results. I noted that 2 of the 3 had Shine stickers on them. I kept one, and let the other 2 guys pick the other 2. Roy's had the sticker too. So I'm left to think that maybe Marc got oneof the prototype lips that didn't fit well while Roy and I got good ones. I dunno but thats my theory and I'm sticking to it. I was playing with the idea of a '02 front end conversion but based on Roy's experience I think I'm gonna just install the Kei Office lip and call it a day. At the last track day I got a chance to ride in the new GTR and came away wanting one more than ever. I think the NSX's days of sucking my money is coming to an end :(

Here're pics of Roy's lip:

(btw the silver car's got my old Gruppe M CF lip!)

"FasttraxTurbo" on NSXPrime also installed his and took these beautiful pics:

He was pretty pleased with how it turned out and said its the same height as the stock lip but because it extends out another 3" it scrapes on everything. I love the looks but not sure if it will be appropriate for my NSX, which is rapidly evolving into a track toy.

Here's the Drift King himself...

Calabogie Track Day: Aug 14, 2009

Decided to take the big bite and pony up the $500 for the full day CMP lapping school put on by EnTrac. Great organization, great day. The instruction was not quite as involved as Peter Hanson's class at the Mosport DDT but still quite enjoyable. Met Kevin Cooper (fellow Ottawa NSXer) for breakfast at Timmies at 6:30am, made it to CMP at 7:30am for drivers meeting and then the classroom session at 8am. The classroom group was small, just 20 people. Focus was on contact patch, suspension dynamics during cornering, and what not to do in a corner. It was cool. Afterwards I was paired up with my instructor Jason who first took me out in my NSX as a passenger for 5 laps, then we switched. I was supposed to spend the rest of the day driving with him in the passenger seat but I had problems with my passenger side seat belt tension-er so we spent the rest of the day with him leading me and showing me the lines and braking zones in his stripped 944 turbo track car.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New mirrors!

After thinking about this for 2 years, then having a previous order get broken prior to shipping, I finally get my set of CF craftsquare mirrors.

I love them, but unfortunately won't have time to put them on until last this month. Too bad since they'd be great at Calabogie on Friday the 14th. :(

Friday, July 24, 2009

The local owners have a meet!

Finally! After what seemed like 1/2 the summer without seeing each other (NSX owners are a busy lot! *wink*) the boys finally got their act together and gathered for a quick meet. The place was the usual car cruise night at Hazeldean Mall in Kanata. 7 cars showed up, six of them red ;)

Newguy Serge was there, along with Stef. I really wanted to sit in Stef's new Bride Gias seats and see if they will suit me but his toddler son was freaking out and he had to leave early. Oh well. The highlight of the night was chatting with the owner of a nice silver Fiat X1/9 (I love those cars and I blame them for inspiring my fetish for mid-engined vehicles) and the kid who now owns my old 1992 Nissan 240SX. Seems like the old 240 went through a few owners before he got his hands on it but the parts I put on were still there: Jamex springs, ebay seat covers, fake blitz SS intake and even the stickers I put on from Pac Mall (ah, how I miss my ricer days). He did do the right thing and dropped in a redtop SR. I steered him towards neo240sx.ca which is the local 240 club.