Friday, February 26, 2010

My YouTube Video

I was browsing YouTube 2 days ago looking for an on-track video of Calabogie Motorsports Park. Typed in "NSX" and "Calabogie" and was surprised to find someone had made a video of my car on last summer's Ferrari Day.

My old rims finds a great new home

One of my NSX buddies from NSX Prime bought my CE28Ns off me a month ago and since seeing them loaded on the truck I've been having second thoughts about letting them go. Seeing his pics posted on Prime makes me question my decision even more. *sigh*

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What I aspire to...

Black NSX -check
'02 conversion -check
CF aero mirrors -check
Advan RS wheels -check
on a track somewhere kicking butt -check!!

There's a great thread on NSXPrime right now on track photos and the following shows what I hope my car will look like in a few months. Fingers crossed.

More pictures. These are of Billy Johnson's Factor X Time Attack Monster. Its not cricket green and black but I prefer the old matte black livery (can't wait till spring!):

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Parts

I'll have to post pics when I get a chance but wanted to rattle off the parts purchased and received before I forget.

-OMP SupraQuadro d-shaped steering wheel (from Sakurajima Express)

-Dali CF rad shroud and vent (works in conjunction with the vented hood to direct air through the radiator).

-Dali large weave CF headlight covers (I already have a beautiful set from the Procar but the small weave looks funny with my large weave CF bonnet.

-new replacement front license plate bracket from SoS to replace the one stolen at NSXPO last year :(
-S0S front speaker panels so I can finally dump the crappy Bose speakers.
New wheels!Advan RS in gunmetal finish. 17/18 diameters (17x8 et37, 18x10et35). I love the 18/19 gold CE28N's I had but the large wheels were a bit too much on what is turning into a more track-focused car. I will be throwing my Bridgestone SO-3's from my Tecnomags onto these wheels and replacing them with a set of Toyo RA1's for track duty. So, now I will be running 17/18's on both track and street wheels. :) Bye-bye rubber-band tires!

Also received: new CF door switchpanel pieces, new 2DIN console minus the ashtray, and CF door leather triangle replacements pieces. I'll be picking up a new pair of Polk 6.5" speakers in the next few weeks for the doors. Byebye shitty oem Bose speakers. :)

Rick (s4play) on NSXPrime is offering these trick CF convex rear view mirrors. His price was around $375 for the thing. I also checked Ebay and was quoted $340 USD shipped. Getting better. More snooping around and I found the company that makes them in Japan called Zoom-Engineering. Their price was $165 USD. SOLD! They are , however, optimized for RHD cars but who cares, they look 10x better than the circa 1990's Honda Accord mirror that came with the car.

I dropped off the trunklid trim piece from the Voltex wing to Fiore at S&G Autobody to paint match. Come spring that will be the first thing to go on the car. I will also need a new Optima battery as I know my old one is on its last legs. That will go on as well so that my rad shroud can be put over it.

The turbo possibility remains...