Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Final Cruise of the year and putting her away for the winter

So on Oct 25th, 2009 the NSX Ottawa Owners Group (our local mailing list and local subsidiary of the NSX Club of Canada) got together with our local S2000 Tochigi factory brothers and went for a beautiful fall drive. The weather had been crappy all week with rain and drizzle, but the gods smiled upon us as the one and only clear and sunny day that week just happened to be on that Sunday. We met at the parking lot of the Aviation Museum. 9 NSX, 1 Acura 1.5EL (member Steve's NSX was in the shop for a new clutch and tranny so he drove his wife's car)and 5 S2000's including Kenny Williams white AP1 that was featured in the photoshoot posted a few months back here.

We took the Rockliffe Parkway that snaked through the Ottawa River's edge amongst the tony houses and embassies, to the King Edward bridge to Quebexico and onto Hwy 5 to 105.

We stopped for a greasy breakfast at Barbe Jr. Restaurant where we easily overpowered the small parking lot (I had expected a group of 4-5 cars) and the limited seating (table for 15 please!).

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I was especially happy to see some long lost members who had been too busy to come out all summer and a few new faces as well. I think our local group is quite healthy.

Afterwards I went home, and spent the rest of the day doing small errands and finally the careful and anal retentive task of getting my baby ready for storage. :(
Wash, wax, lube hinges and seals, armor all the hoses, interior, Windex windows, a few sheets of Bounce in the trunks, engine bay and interior, top up with Sunoco 94 and gas preservative, over inflated the tires to 55 lbs, and a thorough vacuuming of all the track dust from Calabogie ;-)

I drove her to the local Stittsville storage facility where I was met by fellow NSXer Brad who was also keeping his red 1991 there. Drove her in, shut her down, removed the steering wheel and put the fitted oem cover on and that was that. See you next April! I know my battery was on its last legs so I didn't even bother disconnecting it. I'll just buy a new one in the spring (Optima Bluetop from Costco).

Now its time to spend even more time on NSXPrime, my new duties as Secretary of the NSX Club of Canada and of course pay more attention to my neglected E46 M3 SMG.