Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is an amazing NSX tribute video featuring NSXPrime member Hong, and his uniquely modified NSX. The video first appeared on Prime last weekend and has taken on a life of its own, almost going viral on car forums worldwide. Its a little hokey, a little melodramatic, but if you suspend the cynicism and absorb the "feel" you may gain a newfound respect for Honda and what it had achieved in its past. I hope the company will find its roots and show the world once again what made it such an iconic car company.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

First time tracking in the wet (oh my!)

Yesterday evening I took part in a local club's tracking event at Calabogie Motorsports Park. is a local Ottawa car forum for more mature and hardcore guys and I have been an active participant on their forums for over 2 years now.  One of their members, Pat Chang runs a shop "Speed Merchants" at the track ( and with his connections to the owners of the facilities got us 2 hours of lapping for a very cheap price.  Only down side was the RAIN. Oh well, if Aryton Senna can shine in the wet, I might as well try ;)

First time out, first corner and I find myself skittish at the limit and not finding grip at all ANYWHERE! 

The new sways were making the car very oversteer-y and I was not having a good time. After a lap, I was back in the pits playing with tire pressures which helped but still came no where near what I was hoping.

Two hours later I was done and spend the last 20 mins shooting the shit with the guys at the pit exit wall. 

Had a great time but I definitely am starting to think it's time to swap back in the oem rear swaybar. Jim Hobbnot, owner of the shop and also owner of Kanata Ford was there with us at the end with his Porsche GT3 RS and gave me a lot of nice compliments about the NSX, which was very nice to hear.  He thinks he can help me dial things in next time I come out, so I will definitely take up his offer. 

Here's a vid:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ferrari Lapping Day...sort of... (June 18, 2010)

[This post comes about 3 weeks late].

Well, after the change of fluids and installation of the Dali Type Q 1" front and rear sway bars I was all set for a day at Calabogie.  I've been looking forward to this for a long time mainly because this time I was bringing my buddy Chris, who drove all the way across the country in his 1985 AE86 to partake in this event (as well as visit family :P).  The Thurs night before I helped Chris install his KTS 4 pt cam-lock harness, gave him my spare helmet and pair of Sparco driving shoes, and got my car packed and ready for the annual Ferrari lapping day.  This annual event is held by the FCA Ottawa chapter as part of the Italian Week festivities in Ottawa's Little Italy.  I always enjoy partaking in this event as it allows me to see some beautiful cars as well as open a can of whoopass on some of them (haha!).

Got there 8:30am, went to the drivers meeting, got assigned to "A" Group (experienced) and off I went.  Some of the highlights included a Maserati MC12, Saleen S7, various gorgeous Exiges and of course the F-cars.  Also meet another local NSX owner Robert, who aparently knows all about me and my car based on my posts on NSXPrime.

However, the day would prove to be one full of events.  In my second run of the day, at around 11am, I suddenly hear a "thud" followed by a shudder sensation felt through the throttle pedal.  I paused, gave her some gas and she acted normal so I continued.  3 corners later my instructor and I spotted the Saleen go off in front of us at Spoon, ending up in the armco.  What a sight! A million dollar car, and the driver (not the owner) did not look impressed.  Suddenly there was another shudder and then my battery light and check engine light comes on.  I see the red flag signalling us to go back to the pits due to the Saleen.

When I pull in I discovered that my serpentine belt has disintegrated.  My day was done.  The belt must have started with a small tear (which as it peeled away from the rest of the belt slashed at the throttle cable (which was cut up but not severed).  That explained what I felt through the pedal. 

Took all afternoon for the flatbed to show up (thank God Chris has CAA Gold, so free towing). The driver was nice but man he took forever to load the car. Initially I was optimistic that I would be able to get home early enough in time to return with my M3 but it was not meant to be. Oh well.

When Chris got to my house that evening for a BBQ he reported that a red Exige went into the armco as well, followed by one of the T-Rex's.  Crazy stuff.

Got the NSX to Derek at Autovation that afternoon and there she sat until the following Friday. The work only took a day to complete but the delay came in finding out what sized serpentine belt would work. Luckily Mark at Dali Racing in San Fran was awesome. I was able to email him from my iPhone while in the tow truck and had an answer right away. For the record, the part is a Dayco Belt, Serpentine, Outside Length 65.0 In, Industry Number 650K8. It arrived at Autovation by mid week and Mike was able to clean the engine bay up and install it in no time. Once again the NSX was happy.

Here's a shot of me by local radio personality Stuntman Stu as I pulled in to the pits. I'm trying to look cool but inside I was dying... :P

Here's another by Stu of me and my instructor trying to figure out WTH happened to the car...

So what have I been up to in the 3 weeks since this whole thing happened? I BOUGHT ANOTHER CAR!

Yup, meet the latest member of the 1982 Lotus 7 replica. I call her Tweety:

...more to come ;-)