Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New post?! LOL WUT?

Yes, there is life after NSX.

Following the sale of my supercharged beast last July, I followed up with selling off my R33 GTR as well.  Reasons are sketchy at best. The original idea germinated when I saw an identical midnight purple GTR for sale on my forum, GTRCanada.com.  It was one of the very first R33's in Canada and it's owner, Juergen had lovingly put sweat, time and MONEY into it to make it into a track monster.  It was dyno'd at near 500 hp on a conservative tune, with plenty of room for more since he was only limited by the stock MAFs.  I contacted him to see if he was interested in a partial trade since it would be much easier to sell a stock GTR than his monster, and he was, but he said he would be much happier just selling it outright to me.  That got the ball rolling, and I put an ad in the Trader to see how she sells.   A few calls came and went, nothing serious. I started looking around and came across a rare (No. 358/699) 2008 Honda S2000CR.  This is a US only Club Racer model.  It came with 18" TE37's, Spoon forged calipers, KW V3 coilovers and Advan AD08's.  Perfect for the track out of the box.  I contacted the owner and proposed a trade with my GTR and surprisingly he was really interested.  A few calls and texts later and we did the deal, I became a S2000 owner:
 This car is incredible.  Balanced, stable, solid. You can tell Honda did its homework with the aerodynamics as the car was so well planted.  The KW's are nice coilovers, prob the best bang for the buck out there.  Of course I had to try her out on the track, so in mid-Aug I participated in the Hanson School at the Mosport DDT, the place where I had my very first taste of the track.
Alas it was not meant to be.  As cool of a car it was, after a mere 2 months I was craving something greater and so back to the market I went. I placed an ad in the Trader and it sold after 2 weeks.  I got my asking price, so I lost nothing in the 2 months I had the car.

After much research and soul searching it boiled down to 2 cars I would seriously consider: a R35 GTR or another NSX.  If I go back to the NSX it would have to be the most pristine, newest car I could find.  I specifically looked at only NA2, 2002+ models.  A couple of really good candidates came up, but the used  market has gone up in the last 12 months.  Cars I feel are worth $50-55K max were asking $65-74K. Craziness.  Locally there is a 1998 NA2 with 48K kms.  Great shape, but not worth the $55K he has been asking.  Seriously, if the NSX is worth that much used, I might as well start looking at other cars in its price range: Aston Martin DB5, Audi R8, Porsche 911TT, Lotus Elise and Exige, and the R35 GTR.

I ended up coming home with Godzilla:

I love that shot, which compares to the one I took of the NSX in the same spot:
 I was really pleased to hear my car was being showered with the love and attention she deserved. The new owner (as I had previously wrote) entered the car in the ImportFest show in Toronto in August and brought home the 2nd place trophy for best Honda (other).  Not bad for a track car.  I believe the winner was a stock NSX with a Sorcery widebody.

One nice thing is that the new owner and I have remained in good contact via social media so I have been able to follow along in his journey with the NSX.  Here are some great pics he had taken. Car never looked better!

I love this one: the sun setting on my old flame...