Friday, April 30, 2010

First Lapping Day of 2010

What a perfect day today.

20 degrees, slightly overcast, not a drop of rain and no bugs. Woke up, wished my son Ben a happy 9th birthday (still cannot believe he's 9 now), went downstairs and watched him open his birthday presents (Star Wars space ship and SpyGear briefcase), munched a quick breakfast and then off to my favourite place in the universe, Calabogie Motorsports Park.

Spent a day lapping with the Motorsports Club of Ottawa (MCO). This is the first year joined, and I did it primarily for their lapping days at CMP. Very well run group, very strict on safety (good) but very popular (bad). I'd say about 30 cars showed up, and I was placed in Intermediate. Each group ran for 20 mins each, which sucked because after 5 laps or so it was time to come in. CMP is very technical and I hated the fact that as soon as I felt like I was "in the groove", I see the checkered flag and it was time to come in. *sigh*.

I had a fun time playing with my new GoPro Herocam and made a few vids today but was not impressed with Harry's Lap Timer app for the iPhone. I read all the instructions and fidgeted with it all day to no avail. I think the GPS signal might not be good out at CMP? Who knows.

The NSX got a lot of compliments which was nice. Good to hear my efforts are appreciated. There was one fanboy who, although he seems nice, just kept getting in my face all day asking for a ride. I am just not comfortable taking on passengers so far and had to break it to him. Sorry dude, but go away...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a difference Photoshop makes

I posted my pics on NSXPrime and a few guys turn out to be masters in the art of photochopping!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quick 'n dirty photoshoot

I'm no expert when it comes to pics, but I was dying to get a few shots today while I had the time so off I went to the soccer pitch at Beckwith armed with my Nikon D40 in full AUTO setting :)

New parts added over the winter: Zoom mirror, Voltex 4 wing, Advan RS 17/18, new CF headlight covers which replaced old CF covers (currently for sale) to better match the big weave of my CF hood. Stuff you can't see: new OMP wheel, NRG quick release, CF door panels which replaced the wrinkled leather inserts, CF underbonnet rad shroud to help vent air out of the hood.

I know it's best to shoot at twilight but what can you do when just finding time to get out with the nsx is difficult. Sun was at high noon. Hopefully someone can photoshop some awesomeness into them.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

In goes more parts

I've spent all winter doing what I normally do...browse the internet looking for new and cool parts for the NSX :) I had the car home for less than 24 hrs before I start tearing into her. In went the Dali Racing underbonnet vent which directs air through the Type R vented hood, the Dali Racing large weave CF headlight covers, OMP Superquadro d-shaped suede steering wheel (no more slipping on the greasy MOMO leather) and the bigass Voltex wing. I was not sure if I wanted to keep the tall stands John Keezer had included but now that it's installed I really like them. My buddy Peter has the same wing but with shorter stands and he's offered to trade if I want a lower profile wing but I think I will pass.

Amazingly, the one part that gave me the hardest time to install is the Zoom Engineering rearview mirror. The screw supplied with it is about 1mm too short! I'll be stopping by the local hardware store to look for a suitable replacement.

Friday, April 9, 2010

She's home!

Yesterday afternoon (April 8) I took the afternoon off, managed to get to the storage facility (home of local snowbird Bernie who rented his garage to me over the winter), dropped in a new battery and after 3 anxious cranks brought the old C30A to life.

It was perfct timing. In a day full of heavy rain and thunderstorms the skies and roads cleared up just long enough to drive her home unskathed. I missed the sound and feel of the car and the stares all the way home. :) The nice thing was that as soon as it was safely parked in the garage, I got out and all the silly thoughts of selling or parting her out vapourized like so much winter fluff.

On my to-do list in the next week: new wheels (Advan RS) and tires (Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec: 215 40R17 and 275 35R18), getting that monster wing on, install the front vent shroud, new CF headlight covers, interior mirror, and of course the new license plates registered. Then off to Autovation for oil change, tech inspection and wheels install (I would normally do it but the black track wheels are welded to my hubs by the paint!).