Saturday, April 9, 2016

Thieves should be burned at the stake.

With nice things comes jerks who want to take them away from you.

Thieves need to DIAF. Period.

If you can't afford nice things, be like the rest of the civilized world and work for it.

My old Volk Racing wheels, gold CE28N, beloved by the owner I sold them to, have been stolen. Here's my post about them when they were first purchased:

Specs: 18x8 +38 front and 19x9.5 +36 rears, all shod in Toyo T1R 225 35 and 275 30 front and rear respectively.

Please spread the word and let's try and get them back, though something tells me it's not going to happen...

Some memories...
When they were on my old NA1:

When they were sold to the new owner (his gf loved them):

....and now:

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