Sunday, July 10, 2016

New NSX spotted at Mosport

So I finally had a chance to check out the new NSX yesterday in person. It had Ohio manufacturer plates, was dirty as hell, and interior was messy and floormats already fraying at the logo stitching. Obviously it's a mule for testing, promo and general media abuse.  Overall I love it and I believe for the current state of the art it's a great effort by Acura/Honda, and a much needed shot in the arm for their corporate identity.  No more performance doldrums for my favourite Japanese automaker. made me appreciate my 2004 even more and will never replace it. For me, the NSX will always be Uehara's creation.  Call me old fashioned. 😍😎

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  1. hey bae.
    this is the last step.....
    call (815) 524-3277 and ask for Liltunecho ;)


    no but rly lol find the link to the original version of "proposition" and YOU WIN!