Wednesday, April 1, 2015

BLCBIRD II shipped out of Vancouver yesterday

After 6 weeks of emails back and forth, photos, phonecalls and more emails, Charles was ready to ship the NSX to Ontario.

Here she is in her bay in Bowser, BC for the last time.  I can imagine what he was thinking when he snapped this pic.  I know what it's like...

The car was packed to the gills with extra parts: seats, fluids, oem parts, aftermarket parts.  I have to say, Charles (the seller) must be a master of Tetris.

Things were a little iffy the night before when I received a semi-panicked email from him wondering where the driver was. He was supposed to receive a call to arrange a pickup time and place but never got one.  A quick call to Patty at TFX sorted everything out.  On the morning of the agreed date the car was loaded up:

...and off she goes!

ETA is 7-10 days.  I'm pretty stoked.

OK, I'll go on a limb here and say the car's pretty much as I would have it. I even love the wheels (one of my weaknesses is constantly changing shoes on my cars), though I might have the Volk CE28Ns resprayed or Plastidipped in bronze.  I hope I won't need to do any extensive mods as everything's been done as I would have. However the one thing missing is the engine cover.  The previous owner discarded it after having the SOS blower installed (I assume due to the fact the cover didn't clear the height of the supercharger) but I always disliked a missing cover.  It looks unfinished, and the lack of rubber seal around the window which the cover provides creates a risk of accidentally cracking the expensive rear glass when you close it.  I've already picked up a new rubber seal, hinges and prop from FB NSX Owners Group member Johnny Chen, now waiting for the CF/Lexan cover to be in stock from Downforce.  I also impulse shopped an oem centre console with the intention of cutting a double DIN hole in it for a Apple CarPlay headunit.  No rush, and right now the car comes equipped with a Ipod adaptor so I'm good, but it would be sweet to ditch the cassette deck down the road.

When I sold my last NSX I have always told people that if I could do the project all over again, I'd take a mature road with a lightly modified OEM feel to it: CTSC, KWV3 coilovers with a mild drop, NSX-R braces, Brembo brakes, NSX-R hood and wing, and some nice Volks.  This car hits all the targets.  I'm so proud and excited.

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