Monday, April 20, 2015

Detail time

So, for the first time in her 11 year life, my NSX gets an exterior detail, or "colour correction" in the parlance of the detailer.

Eric of Detailed Reflections did the work. He's amazing, professional, honest, on time and has that crazy anal retentiveness that all detailers seem to possess.  The guy's a maniac and truly loves his work.  Seeing the car in the sun for the first time Saturday morning he looked like a kid in a candy store, dying to get his hands on the car.  "I love black cars!" he said.

After nearly 7 hours, the car never looked better.  All the swirls, most of the rock pits and some gouges were smoothed out.  The Downforce skirts, hood, mirrors and lower front bumper will need a respray in the fall due to the sheer amount of rock chips (the realities of a low, black car) but for the rest of the driving season this does the trick.

I'll let the pics speak for themselves:
 Before: swirls upon swirls

The same panel before
 ...and after

Here's a direct contrast shot:

Afterwards in the sun.


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