Friday, April 17, 2015

She's LEGAL!

9am, showed up at Autovation in Stittsville and the boys quickly got the car saftied and e-tested with flying colours.  No surprise as Charles had the timing belt, water pump and PPI done at Burrand Acura last month so I knew everything was fine.  There is a slight leak in the valve cover gasket, but nothing that needs to be addressed immediately.  I'll likely have it done prior to winter storage. Ugh, winter...I don't even want to think about it.

Following this, I took the NSX to the nearby coin op car wash for its first cleaning and wipe down.  I discovered a bubbling in the paint on the Downforce hood near the passenger side of the windshield, various rock chips in the lower part of the side skirts and front bumper.  I'll pay a visit to my detailer on Saturday morning to get his opinion on the paint and whether it warrants a respray or hopefully just a touch up and buff.  After that, a full tank of 94 octane was pumped, roof panel removed and stowed in the trunk and off we went for a nice afternoon of cruising.  When I got home I followed the DIY resetting of the EPS from the DaliRacing website and lo and behold we have power steering!

Some immediate observations of this car vs. my old NA1: the targa, though very cool and I love how the car is transformed into a barchetta, definitely makes the car looser. Cowl shake is very present. This is something I was actually surprised to notice as I have a lot of faith in Honda's engineers in maintaining the chassis rigidity.  Second, POWER STEERING. What a revelation. I know a lot of NA1 snobs (myself included) like to point to the fact that the NSX originally was devoid of a PS system and presumably was meant to not have one.  However, it is a very nice setup: light effort at slow speeds but very communicative at all times.  I'm a believer.  Lastly, I cannot say enough how much I miss the sound of the intake whoosh to my left, the growl of the C32 behind me and the IMAXesque expansive view ahead.  You don't realize what you've missed until you've lost it and regain it again.  Holy cow this car is a glorious driving experience.

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