Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More go power, more stoppng power

OK, so now we're in the fall of 2008. I've actually barely put any mileage on the car due to several factors...1) it was in the paint shop a month, 2) it was at TintFX for 2 months (long story but I don't talk to Warren anymore), and 3) we had a little girl who was making life busier than usual for us. :P

I love the handling, the looks, and the sound, but something in me wanted to make sure I was extracting every little bit of performance I can from the setup. A GB came up on NSXPrime and suddenly I found myself with a set of Prospeed SS headers and a very rare Taitec centre-exit exhaust. This beautiful thing was hand built in very limited quantities and made expressly to go with the open rear diffuser I already have. It came up on Yahoo Japan and I instructed Daryl of to get it for me. In a month it arrived and back I went to Jason at Tapp for the install.

After a few sessions lapping at Mosport and Calabogie I've come to realize that the stock brakes were also feeling mushy after a few hours of late braking. I previously tried to remedy this by going with the conservative route of SS lines, new fluids, Hawk HPS pads and Powerslot slotted rotors on the front but even that was inadequate. One afternoon I stopped by and chatted with Terry Gosse of KVR Performance, a small local brake supply and tuning shop that is actually quite well known in the car community in North America because of their brake products.

Terry was the designer of the AP Racing setup for the NSX that was originally sold under the RM Racing brand, which later folded and the kit is now sold through Science of Speed. He explained that the NSX is unique in that the mid-engined layout actually does not require huge brakes in the front. In fact, most NSX BBKs out there have issues with front wheel lockup because the rear weight bias does not require throwing a huge set of front calipers (compared to say a front heavy Skyline or Supra). The KVR setup consists of 4 piston calipers on the front with 13" rotors, 13" rotors on the rear utilizing the oem two piston caliper. SS lines, AP fluid and Ferodo DS2500(front), Hawk Black (rear) pads complete the kit.

In case you haven't noticed, along with the BBK came a new set of wheels! Yes, Project Money Pit is now sporting a set of Volk Racing CE28Ns in gold. 18x8 +38 front and 19x9.5 +36 rears, all shod in Toyo T1R 225 35 and 275 30 front and rear respectively. After 2 years of ownership, the car is on its 5th set of wheels (DP Enduro > BBS Stern > Volk Racing TE37 > BBS LMs > Volk Racing CE28N. :P

After that I called it a season and put the oem wing back on and got the car ready for storage. This was taken at Burritts Rapids on a cold Sunday morning, a few days before she was put away for another winter's nap (but not before throwing on jdm tinted tail lights courtesy of John aka Scorp).

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